our Services

D&J Service Company is proud to offer a wide variety of home services, all the while maintaining the highest levels of customer  service and quality 

Professional Window Cleaning

Our window cleaners have over 30 years of experience. We guarantee a streak free shine and always wipe down window ledges and outside frames.

Pressure Washing

We offer pressure washing services that include driveways, patios, siding/stucco and garage floors. We find it's best to have this done in the spring to wash off all of the winter grime and get ready for entertaining over the summer!

Track Cleaning

Tracks are where all the nasty stuff builds up: dead bugs, dirt and anything else you could imagine. Cleaning your tracks not only gets rid of the gross, it insures proper operation of your window . 

Screen Repair

Screen repair is a very common need among our clients, especially those that have screens that are on the OUTSIDE of the windows. The extreme weather conditions can really damage them and leave them unsightly and not functioning properly.

Interior Glass

There are many different Pieces of interior glass that are difficult to keep up with. We clean shower doors, mirrors, chandeliers, cabinet glass and much more. 

Carpet Cleaning 

We have a partnership deal with Insource Floor Care, one of Southern Colorado's leading carpet care providers. We handle scheduling, make sure everything goes smoothly and that our clients are completely satisfied with the quality. 

"Anything on a Ladder"

This is a broad category but it's exactly like it sounds, we can help with almost anything on a ladder... Replacing light bulbs, dusting ledges, cleaning ceiling fans, hanging pictures. The best thing to do is if you have something you need done, JUST ASK. We can probably do it

Solar Panel Cleaning

It's very important to keep the surface of your solar panels clean so that they operate at maximum efficiency. 

Gutter Cleaning

We offer full service gutter cleaning and haul away of the debris that we remove

Our Promise

No Matter what the job is, we strive to provide the highest level of  customer service and guarantee our quality on every project. 

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