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Contractor Clean Up Services

You Never Get Another First Impression...

When you hand the keys over to the new home owner, we want you to be the hero. You have put months of work into a project and paid attention to every detail. Our job is to partner with you to get it over the finish line and make sure the dust and grime are gone. 

If you're a general contractor or project manager, please reach out and let us tell you more about our professional processes.

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Our Contractor Services

Window Cleaning

Inside and Outside professional window cleaning. Our 5 step process allows us to remove all construction materials that may have built up on the glass through out the process. It is very important to have a professional window cleaner do this as scratched glass is very expensive to replace. Our service providers are specifically trained on how to not damage the glass or frames during the cleaning process. 

Vinyl Track/Frame Cleaning

We open every window and make sure there is no build up of construction material, dirt or debris inside of the window. Our process also allows us to carefully scrape construction materials off the exposed frame giving the clean edge look that doesn't catch the eye. 

Wood Frame/Divided Light Window Cleaning

Making sure that the paint and stain is properly removed from wood frame windows is key to presenting your best product to the home owner. We make sure the edges, corners  and full pane are free of construction materials. 

Full Construction Cleaning

Besides just cleaning the windows, we offer full construction cleaning services. This is a top down cleaning of the entire house that touches every surface. This gives the new owner a brand new, dust free living experience when they move in. We partner with the builder to fit their desired outcome and schedule. We also leave a special touch for the new owner... 

What Types of Contractors Do We Work With?

Custom Home Builders

We specialize in putting the finishing touches on your custom home new build and offer varying levels of service packages

Community Home Builders

Time is valuable and we know how tight the schedules are for these builders. We have a team dedicated to make sure we keep you on schedule

Commercial Contractors

From large federal contracts to a new shop around the corner, we have the man power and experience to make sure your project gets done well and on time

D&J Services

Residential Window Cleaning Services

Everything you need to keep your home as beautiful as the day you bought it

Contractor Clean UP Services

Our job is to make sure your finished project presents at it's finest

Commercial Window Cleaning Services

Making sure that your place of business gives a remarkable first impression

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